Manufacturer Part Number: TM4C123BE6PZI7R Manufacturer / Brand: Texas Instruments
Part of Description: ARM Microcontrollers - MCU Tiva C Series Microcontroller Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: table_img Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Ship From: HK/Shen Zhen Shipment Way: DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS

Product parameters

Manufacturer Texas Instruments
RoHS Details
Product MCU
Package / Case LQFP-100
Mounting Style SMD/SMT
Series TM4C123BE6PZ
Packaging Reel
Brand Texas Instruments
Maximum Operating Temperature + 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature – 40 C
Moisture Sensitive Yes
Product Type ARM Microcontrollers – MCU
Factory Pack Quantity 1000
Unit Weight 0.046530 oz
Height 1.45 mm
Length 14 mm
Width 14 mm
Supply Voltage – Min 3.15 V
Supply Voltage – Max 3.63 V

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    What is TM4C123BE6PZI7R?

    The TM4C123BE6PZI7R is a microcontroller manufactured by Texas Instruments. It is part of the TM4C123BE6PZ family of microcontrollers, which are based on the ARM Cortex-M4F processor core. The microcontroller is designed for use in low-power, cost-sensitive embedded applications.

    The TM4C123BE6PZI7R microcontroller has 256 KB of embedded flash memory and 64 KB of RAM. It has a wide range of peripherals, including an advanced analog-to-digital converter, an advanced pulse-width modulator, and a wide range of communication interfaces. It also features advanced low-power modes and a power-saving SleepWalking feature, which allows the microcontroller to remain active while consuming very little power.

    The TM4C123BE6PZI7R is a versatile and cost-effective microcontroller that is suitable for a wide range of embedded applications. It is a popular choice for applications such as home automation, wearable electronics, automotive systems, industrial automation, and medical devices.

    The TM4C123BE6PZI7R is an excellent choice for embedded applications that require low-power operation and high performance. It offers an optimal balance between performance and cost, making it a great choice for cost-sensitive embedded applications.

    How to use TM4C123BE6PZI7R?

    Using the TM4C123BE6PZI7R is relatively straightforward. The microcontroller is programmed using the Code Composer Studio (CCS) IDE, which is available for free. To program the microcontroller, you need to connect it to a computer via a USB cable. Once the microcontroller is connected, you can use the CCS IDE to write code, compile it, and download it to the microcontroller.

    Once the code is downloaded, you can use the CCS IDE to debug and test the code. The CCS IDE also allows you to program the microcontroller’s peripherals, such as the analog-to-digital converter, the pulse-width modulator, and the communication interfaces.

    The TM4C123BE6PZI7R is a powerful and versatile microcontroller that can be used for a wide range of embedded applications. With its low-power operation, wide range of peripherals, and easy-to-use development environment, the TM4C123BE6PZI7R is an excellent choice for cost-sensitive embedded applications.

    For more detailed information about the TM4C123BE6PZI7R, please refer to the datasheet available on the Texas Instruments website.