Manufacturer Part Number: RN2116MFV Manufacturer / Brand: Toshiba
Part of Description: SoC FPGA RN2116MFV Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: table_img Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Ship From: HK/Shen Zhen Shipment Way: DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS

Product parameters

Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Package / CaseSOT-723
Factory Pack Quantity8000
Moisture SensitiveYes
Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic300mV @ 500µA, 5mA
Current – Collector Cutoff (Max)500nA
Current – Collector (Ic) (Max)100 mA

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    RN2116MFV Applications:

    Power Supplies: The RN2116MFV can be used as a voltage regulator in linear power supply circuits to provide a stable output voltage regardless of fluctuations in the input voltage or load current. It is suitable for low-power applications where precise voltage regulation is necessary, such as in battery-powered devices, instrumentation, and audio equipment.

    Embedded Systems: The RN2116MFV can regulate the voltage supplied to microcontrollers, sensors, and other components in embedded systems. It ensures that these components receive a stable voltage within their operating range, improving the reliability and performance of the overall system. Common examples include IoT devices, industrial control systems, and consumer electronics.

    Voltage Reference: The RN2116MFV can serve as a voltage reference for analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and other analog circuits requiring a stable voltage reference. It provides a precise and stable reference voltage, contributing to accurate signal conversion and measurement in data acquisition systems, sensor interfaces, and signal processing circuits.

    Battery-Powered Devices: In battery-powered applications, such as portable electronics, medical devices, and handheld instruments, the RN2116MFV can regulate the voltage supplied by batteries to ensure consistent performance over the battery’s discharge cycle. It helps extend battery life by maintaining efficient power management and reducing wasted energy.

    Audio Amplifiers: The RN2116MFV can be used to regulate the voltage supplied to audio amplifiers, ensuring consistent audio performance and minimizing noise and distortion. It is commonly employed in audio preamplifiers, headphone amplifiers, and audio processing circuits in consumer electronics and professional audio equipment.

    LED Lighting: In LED lighting applications, the RN2116MFV can regulate the voltage supplied to LED drivers or LED control circuits, ensuring stable and uniform illumination. It helps protect LEDs from voltage fluctuations and provides constant brightness control in various lighting fixtures, including automotive lighting, architectural lighting, and signage.

    Industrial Control: The RN2116MFV finds applications in industrial control systems, such as motor control circuits, PLCs, and instrumentation, where precise voltage regulation is essential for reliable operation. It helps maintain consistent performance and accuracy in control and monitoring applications across various industrial sectors.

    Telecommunications: The RN2116MFV can be used in telecommunications equipment, such as routers, switches, and network interface cards, to regulate the voltage supplied to communication components and ensure stable operation. It helps maintain signal integrity and reliability in data transmission and networking applications.