Manufacturer Part Number: NX7002BKR Manufacturer / Brand: Nexperia
Part of Description: SoC FPGA NX7002BKR Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: table_img Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Ship From: HK/Shen Zhen Shipment Way: DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS

Product parameters

Package / CaseSC-76, SOD-323
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Maximum Operating Temperature-65C
Minimum Operating Temperature+150C
Factory Pack Quantity3000
Moisture SensitiveYes
Power – Max300 mW
Impedance (Max) (Zzt)100 Ohms
Base Product NumberBZX384

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    NX7002BKR Applications:

    Voltage Regulation:

    The primary function of the NX7002BKR is to regulate and stabilize the output voltage. It can be used in various circuits where a stable voltage supply is required.

    Power Supply for Microcontrollers and ICs:

    The NX7002BKR can be employed as a voltage regulator for providing a stable power supply to microcontrollers, digital ICs, and other electronic components.

    Battery-Powered Devices:

    In battery-powered devices, the NX7002BKR can be used to regulate the voltage from the battery and ensure a consistent power supply to the electronic circuitry.

    Voltage Reference:

    The IC can serve as a voltage reference in applications where a precise and stable reference voltage is needed.

    LED Driver:

    The NX7002BKR can be used as an LED driver, providing a regulated voltage for driving LEDs in lighting applications.

    Consumer Electronics:

    It can be incorporated into various consumer electronic devices, such as audio/video equipment, to regulate the voltage and enhance the stability of the power supply.

    Automotive Electronics:

    In automotive applications, the NX7002BKR can be used for voltage regulation in electronic systems, sensors, and control units.

    Power Management in Embedded Systems:

    Embedded systems often require precise power management. The NX7002BKR can be used to regulate the voltage in embedded systems, ensuring reliable operation.

    Switching Power Supplies:

    It may be used in conjunction with other components to design switching power supplies, especially in applications where efficiency and compact size are important.

    Wireless Communication Systems:

    The NX7002BKR can find applications in the power supply and voltage regulation of components within wireless communication systems.

    Industrial Automation:

    Industrial control systems and automation equipment often require stable power supplies. The NX7002BKR can be used in these applications for voltage regulation.