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Manufacturer Part Number: MCP6001T-I/OT Manufacturer / Brand: Microchip
Part of Description: General Purpose Amplifier 1 Circuit Rail-to-Rail SOT-23-5 Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: table_img Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Ship From: HK/Shen Zhen Shipment Way: DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS

Product parameters

Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Part StatusSC-74A, SOT-753
ShutdownNo Shutdown
Package / Case73-VFQFN Dual Rows, Exposed Pad
Minimum Operating Temperature– 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C
Product TypeARM Microcontrollers – MCU
Factory Pack Quantity3000
Mounting Type100µA
Current – SupplyWatchdog Timer, Windowed
Supplier Device PackageSOT-23-5

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    The MCP6001T-I/OT is a single operational amplifier (op-amp) integrated circuit manufactured by Microchip Technology. It is part of the MCP6001 family known for its low-power consumption and wide operating voltage range, making it suitable for various analog signal processing applications.

    Key Features:

    • Single Op-Amp: Contains one operational amplifier.
    • Low Power Consumption: Typically operates at very low quiescent current (microamperes range), making it suitable for battery-powered applications.
    • Wide Operating Voltage Range: Can operate from a single supply voltage as low as 1.8V up to a maximum of 6.0V.
    • Rail-to-Rail Input and Output: Supports input and output signals that can swing from ground (0V) to the supply voltage (Vcc).
    • Unity Gain Stable: Stable with a unity gain configuration, which is beneficial for various signal conditioning tasks.
    • Package Type: Available in various surface-mount packages like SOT-23 and SC-70, providing flexibility for different design requirements.

    Typical Applications:

    • Sensor Signal Conditioning: Amplifies and processes signals from sensors.
    • Battery-Powered Devices: Used in portable and low-power devices where battery life is critical.
    • Filters and Active Filters: Implements various analog filter configurations.
    • Voltage References and Buffers: Provides buffering and voltage level shifting functions.
    • Audio Amplification: Used in audio signal processing and amplification circuits.


    • Low Power Consumption: Ideal for energy-efficient designs and prolonging battery life in portable devices.
    • Wide Supply Voltage Range: Offers flexibility in power supply configurations.
    • Small Package Options: Saves board space and facilitates compact designs.
    • Reliable Performance: Provides stable operation across varying environmental conditions.