Manufacturer Part Number: MAX748ACPA Manufacturer / Brand: Analog Devices Inc.
Part of Description: SoC FPGA MAX748ACPA Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: table_img Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Ship From: HK/Shen Zhen Shipment Way: DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS

Product parameters

ManufacturerAnalog Devices Inc.
Package / CasePDIP-8
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Maximum Operating Temperature0 C
Minimum Operating Temperature+70C
Factory Pack Quantity50
Moisture SensitiveYes
Output Voltage3.3 V
Output Current500 mA
Input Voltage, Min3.3 V
Switching Frequency212.5 kHz
Unit Weight0.032805 oz

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    MAX748ACPA Applications:

    Microprocessor-Based Systems:

    The MAX748ACPA is commonly used in microprocessor-based systems to monitor multiple power supply voltages and ensure proper initialization and operation.

    System Power-On Reset:

    Provides a reliable power-on reset signal to initialize the microprocessor during system power-up, ensuring a controlled start-up sequence.

    Brownout Protection:

    Protects the microprocessor from erratic behavior or damage by generating a reset signal if either monitored voltage falls below a specified threshold, preventing operation in an undefined state.

    Dual Voltage Monitoring:

    Monitors two independent power supply voltages, making it suitable for systems with multiple power rails.

    Battery-Powered Devices:

    Used in battery-powered devices to monitor and reset microprocessors, ensuring reliable operation within safe voltage limits.

    Embedded Systems:

    Applied in embedded systems where stable and reliable operation is critical, such as in industrial controls, automation, and IoT devices.

    Automotive Electronics:

    Integrated into automotive electronic systems to monitor and reset microprocessors, ensuring proper functioning in various vehicle applications.

    Data Acquisition Systems:

    Ensures the proper initialization of microprocessors in data acquisition systems, preventing data corruption or loss during power transitions.

    Wireless Communication Modules:

    Used to monitor and reset microprocessors in wireless communication modules, ensuring consistent and reliable communication.

    Consumer Electronics:

    Integrated into consumer electronics devices to provide a reset function and enhance the reliability of microprocessor-based systems.

    Industrial Automation:

    Applied in industrial automation systems to supervise microprocessors and maintain system integrity during power disturbances.

    Medical Devices:

    Employed in medical devices to monitor and reset microprocessors, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the device.