Manufacturer Part Number: MAX3051ESA+T Manufacturer / Brand: Analog Devices Inc
Part of Description: SoC FPGA MAX3051ESA+T Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: table_img Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Ship From: HK/Shen Zhen Shipment Way: DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS

Product parameters

ManufacturerAnalog Devices Inc
Package / CaseSOIC-8
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
BrandAnalog Devices / Maxim Integrated
Maximum Operating Temperature-40 C
Minimum Operating Temperature+85C
Factory Pack Quantity2500
Moisture SensitiveYes
Output Voltage2.5 V
Unit Weight0.017870 oz
1 Mb/s1 Mb/s
Operating Supply Current35 mA
ESD Protection12 kV
Operating Supply Voltage3.3 V

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    MAX3051ESA+T Applications:

    Automotive Networks:

    Used in automotive applications for communication between Electronic Control Units (ECUs) such as engine control modules, airbag systems, transmission controllers, and more.


    Industrial Automation:

    Integrated into industrial automation systems for reliable communication between programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors, actuators, and other control devices.


    Medical Devices:

    Applied in medical devices and equipment for communication between different modules, sensors, and control units.


    Home and Building Automation:

    Utilized in home and building automation systems for communication between smart devices, lighting controls, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.


    Motor Control Systems:

    Integrated into motor control systems for communication between motor drives, controllers, and feedback devices.


    Instrumentation and Measurement:

    Used in measurement and instrumentation systems for communication between different instruments and control units.



    Applied in telematics systems for communication between vehicles and centralized monitoring systems.


    Battery Management Systems (BMS):

    Utilized in BMS for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles to communicate battery status, charge, and discharge information.


    Solar Power Inverters:

    Integrated into solar power inverters for communication between different components in a solar power system.


    Elevator Control Systems:

    Used in elevator control systems for communication between control units, sensors, and safety systems.


    Railway Systems:

    Applied in railway systems for communication between control units, signaling systems, and train components.



    Utilized in avionics systems for communication between different avionic components within an aircraft.


    Marine Systems:

    Integrated into marine systems for communication between navigation systems, engine controls, and other marine electronics.



    Used in robotics for communication between different components, including controllers, sensors, and actuators.


    Energy Storage Systems:

    Applied in energy storage systems for communication between battery packs, energy management systems, and inverters.


    Traffic Management Systems:

    Utilized in traffic management systems for communication between traffic lights, sensors, and control units.


    Remote Monitoring and Control:

    Integrated into systems for remote monitoring and control, allowing communication between remote devices and central control centers.