Manufacturer Part Number: CTS520 Manufacturer / Brand: Toshiba
Part of Description: SoC FPGA CTS520 Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: table_img Lead free / RoHS Compliant
Ship From: HK/Shen Zhen Shipment Way: DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS

Product parameters

Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Package / CaseSOD-882
Factory Pack Quantity10000
Minimum Operating Temperature– 40C
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 100 C
Moisture SensitiveYes
Pd – Power Dissipation150 mW
Unit Weight0.000025 oz

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    CTS520 Applications:

    RF Test and Measurement: The CTS520 can be used in RF test setups to adjust signal levels during calibration, testing, and characterization of RF and microwave components, circuits, and systems.

    RF Communication Systems: It can be integrated into RF communication systems such as wireless transceivers, base stations, and satellite communication systems to control signal levels for power control, gain control, and dynamic range optimization.

    RF Signal Generators: In RF signal generators, the CTS520 is used to adjust the output signal level for frequency synthesis, modulation, and signal simulation in various RF and microwave applications.

    RF Receivers: It can be employed in RF receivers to control signal levels before amplification and demodulation stages to optimize receiver sensitivity, dynamic range, and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

    RF Amplifiers: The CTS520 can be utilized in RF amplifier circuits to adjust gain and output power levels for matching impedance, maximizing linearity, and minimizing distortion in amplification stages.

    RF Filters and Duplexers: In RF filter and duplexer circuits, it is used to control signal levels before and after filtering stages to optimize filter performance, bandwidth, and rejection characteristics in RF front-end modules.

    RF Switching Networks: It can be integrated into RF switching networks and matrix switches to adjust signal levels for routing and switching signals between multiple ports and channels in RF switching systems.

    Satellite Communication: The CTS520 is used in satellite communication systems for signal attenuation and level control in uplink and downlink paths, earth stations, and satellite terminals.

    RADAR Systems: In RADAR systems, it is employed for signal level adjustment in transmit/receive modules, target tracking systems, and phased array antennas for radar signal processing and beamforming applications.

    Electronic Warfare (EW): The CTS520 can be used in EW systems for signal attenuation and jamming applications to control signal levels and interfere with enemy communication and radar systems.