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Electronic information technology in aviation

time 2022-09-22

Publisher: hqt


Most modern aircraft are equipped with automated systems, which can provide real-time feedback and adjustment according to the flight status of the aircraft, so as to reduce the risk of flight due to pilot fatigue and tension caused by operational errors. The electronic master control system of the aircraft is composed of a computer network with decentralized and centralized control of multiple devices. The use of electronic information technology can realize the overall dynamic control and data processing of the aircraft. With the support of electronic information technology, pilots can better complete their work tasks.

During takeoff and landing, the aircraft makes appropriate adjustments mainly according to the real-time electronic data feedback and the instructions issued by the ground control center. Electronic information technology plays an important auxiliary role in the process. At present, although the application of electronic information technology is not perfect, the pilot can be timely given correct data information during the takeoff and landing of the aircraft, so it will directly affect whether the aircraft can take off normally.

In the process of flight, once there is equipment damage or system failure, electronic information technology can directly feedback the problem to the pilot, which can facilitate the pilot to make an accurate analysis of the fault and take correct emergency treatment measures. For long-distance passenger flights, entertainment facilities are indispensable, which can not only calm passengers’ uneasy emotions, and reduce the boredom of the flight process, but also bring passengers a more comfortable flight experience. With the continuous development of electronic information technology, the integration of more resources has become an inevitable trend. The integration with virtual reality technology can not only create a comfortable environment for passengers but also promote the better development of aviation entertainment